Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two Wheel Tribes: Stereotypes part II

A few weeks ago I posted about the common stereotypes that are created of those that use two wheels as a main mode of transportation. Well, of course the NY Times just can leave bike culture, oh I mean, The two wheel tribe alone. In usual fashion if you ride a bike you must be a roadie, crazy messenger, NYCDOT commish, or some sort of weirdo.

So what does cycling culture look like? Is it dodging through gritty traffic, or rapidly pedaling around Central Park? Are the track-bike tribes of Williamsburg more or less native than those of the mountain bikers in Highbridge Park? What about the fashion plate on a $1,200 Dutch bike, or a pedicab driver who recently arrived from Tajikistan?

Listen to the profiles of these five two wheel wielders here. As usual the comments section is where everyone fights for their small part of turf in NYC.

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