Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Target Field - Is it a success?

So BIG NEWS in Minneapolis. Monday was the Twins opener at our new Target Field. It was built smack damn in the heart of downtown. Target Field hold 40,000, cost $528 Million, and is close to public transit. While you can argue this is a huge boom for downtown, 40,000 pouring in at 3:00 on a Monday afternoon (reminds me of Wrigley in Chicago before the lights), but I still see one small problem, the majority of people are still going to arrive by car.

While another huge investment was made, connection the Hiawatha Line (LRT) to the North Star (commuter rail) right next to the new stadium, these two lines can't and aren't serving the number of passengers it could be by getting people to and from the game.

The Twins Opener has proven that the metro transit, the city, and county all need to take a hard look at how our city is changing, and yes, the changes we need to make so that we can continue to thrive and take advantage of the new ballpark. I for one am happy they didn't put it out in a far off suburb, where we know the only way to get there is to drive. Let's take advantage of the stadiums location and give people transit options like never before.

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