Monday, January 18, 2010

NYC: Moving in the wrong direction

Having lived in NYC for 7 years and having 1st and 2nd Avenue be a main route for most of it, this new post over at Streets blog reminds me why I left. What many consider the public transit mecca in the US, NYC, while making some great steps forward, always then takes a few steps back.

1st and 2nd Avenue are begging, yes they weep nightly, for a protected bike and bus lane. In a city where the Avenues have 6 moving lanes of traffic, why does it seem so hard to make this a reality? I have always thought a contra-flow separated bus and bike lane was the way to go on both of these Avenues. It would solve the majority of problems that happen with bus and bike lanes.

I now see that is a pipe dream because the new renderings from NYC DOT can't even carve out a separated bus lane (moving in the direction of traffic). When will NYC make buses a priority? Once the subway system is finished, then don't hold your breath.

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