Friday, January 8, 2010

More Central Corridor Chaos

Will the Twin Cities squash on of the most important transit projects in decades? The way things are looking 2010 might be the year that our next LRT line won't break ground. The Strib has a good article detailing the timeline that needs to be achieves so that the federal faucet can flow.

This is the year for everyone to get on board with the Central Corridor light-rail project, according to many involved with the nearly $1 billion plan to connect the downtowns of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Important deadlines lie ahead this year, and if squabbles can be squashed, the federal government just might cut a check to pay for half of the project.

But if peace can't be reached, construction gets pushed back and costs rise by millions of dollars. Right now, trains are expected to roll in 2014.

I posted a few weeks ago about how local issues and opposition might kill the project. Let's hope that these issues can be resolved in time to get the federal support the line will need to be completed.

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