Monday, February 23, 2009

Urban Planning goes mainstream, sorta

This new book "Where Things Are, From Near to Far" is bringing urban planning to children. This NY Times article has a recap of how, what, and why a planning book is geared towards young children.

A new children’s book may help shed light at a time when interest in the field seems to be growing.“Where Things Are, From Near to Far” (Planetizen Press, $19.95), by Chris Steins and Tim Halbur, depicts a mother and son on a stroll through a city and its surroundings. Mr. Steins, a planner by training, said that his target audience was children like his twin sons, Rowan and Grant, who are 3. “If we teach kids how to build them,” he said, “we will end up with better cities.”

Although I have not gotten a chance to look at the book in the flesh I am glad that a perspective view seems to be the norm. These days so many people think planning is about the bird's eye view and a top down approach, which for far too long it has been. Even better maybe this back to basics book should be taught in planning school's across the United States. Yes, I am only half kidding about that.


npGREENWAY said...

This sounds great! Where is the photo from with the green streetcar track?

npGREENWAY said...

So, I got referred here from

I now see that the photos in the column on the right are not part of this blog post, but I am still curious about both.

Portland, Oregon said...

The picture to the right of the streetcar on grass is Paris.