Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tetra Constantino talks LRT in St. Paul


amh said...

I've heard some dumb things said about public transit, but if this is a popular opinion no wonder public transit sucks in so much of the country. LRT is faster than a bus, more comfortable, and carries more people than busses, which would be better for his business.

Anonymous said...

All of the MTC buses are already equipped with GPS transponders, which the Transit Control Center uses to monitor where buses are located, such as to slow busses ahead of schedule, direct transit police to incidents on moving buses, and to minimize bunching on high frequency corridors (16).

The Central Corridor will be an excellent all-day replacement for the 50 quasi-express Univ Ave bus, while the 16 will become mostly redundant.

The main reasons that his business might be affected by the Central Corridor is if property prices drive his rent too high or if it changes the demographic of the corridor significantly.