Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why all the hate?

The popular real estate blog Brownstoner had a post about cyclists dismounting at the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brookyln side. Of course the 38 comments turned into a us against them argument. For some reason (actually many reasons) pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists are in a battle over the street space. This comment is the typical NIMBY knee jerk reaction that is making NYC a place where progress is very hard to come by.
The bike lanes are stupid. The bikers are stupid. You still live in a metropolis where there are cars and trucks and buses. Biking should be in the parks ONLY. For the new bikers that ride bikes with flip flops, ipods, and ice coffees in there hand and big sunglasses trying to steer a bike can be quite difficult. Also, I thought riding on sidewalks were a no no anyway next time I see a biker riding on a sidewalk they will get knocked down because its uncalled for. Oh! before I forget what they did to Vanderbilt ave in Prospect Heights is really stupid, with all of the traffic that has been there for years you go and put bike lanes and pedestrian islands in the middle of the ave. Now you have the existing traffic, bike lanes, and pedestrian crossing islands. I would like to be there when the horrific accident happens so I can say I told you so.
Cars have a right to the road. Pedestrians have a right to the road. Bicyclists have a right to the road. Let's redesign our roads so all have equal access.

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