Monday, September 15, 2008

Commuter Connection

So I just got back from Minneapolis/St. Paul this past week. I have to admit that they have some serious bike infrastructure - Greenway, Trails, plenty of parking, and counter flow bike lanes in downtown. As I was walking through the skyway to meet a friend for dinner I came across this commuter connection shop and was blown away.

In the twin cities they have this great service that will basically help you figure out how to commute depending on your mode of transit. Yes, they have the usual transit shop where you go to buy your pass and/or card and has all the bus routes and schedules, but this was completely different. They covered it all (pretty much) from walking, biking, car pooling, van pooling, light rail, and the buses. The best part is in todays world it is great when you can actually walk into a physical space and talk to a "real live human being." I just figured how great a service this would be to a new bike commuter or someone looking to carshare through official means. I wish every city had one of these shops.

Since I posted last week about ground transit to airports I figured I needed to include this. I had a 7:00 AM flight out of Minneapolis and was able to get there (35-40 minutes) in plenty of time by taking the bus to the light rail, it was fast and cheap $1.50 (to bad it took 2+ hours to get home from Laguardia airport in NYC).

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