Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Portland's first two-way bike lane

So when 250 TriMet bus drivers signed a petition to get bicycles out of the Rose Quarter transit hub, the city made some design changes, added a new bike lane, and now all seem happy. The Portland Tribune had this article.
The changes come a few months after more than 250 TriMet bus drivers signed a petition calling for bicycles to be banned from the center. It claimed that bus and MAX light-rail traffic through the center makes it too dangerous for bicycle riders.

TriMet and the city are hopeful that the changes will reduce the danger, however. The bike lane will include a number of so-called Bike Boxes that will require the bus drivers to stop behind bicyclists at the intersections along the street. They are intended to prevent bicyclists from being run over by drivers making right-hand turns.

“The goal is increase the safety for everyone who uses the center, including the increasing number of bike riders,” said Mayor-elect Sam Adams, who oversees the Portland Office of Transportation.
It is great to see a city go back and work out a solution that works for all transit users. check out more at (pic above

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