Friday, August 29, 2008

CAR-FREE Prospect Park

Transportation Alternatives is going to push hard for a Car-free Prospect Park in 2009. Here is the article in the NY Sun.
The president of the Prospect Park Alliance, Tupper Thomas, said she's in favor of closing the park to cars, but said she understands the reservations of residents who are concerned that it would lead to congestion around the outside of the park.

She noted that even though there are few hours that cars can use the park, they coincide with the times that many New Yorkers also want to head to the park for a jog, a walk, or a bike ride — in the morning before work or in the early evening, when they get home.

Ms. Thomas said she rides her bicycle in the mornings, but leaves the park by 7 a.m. because she doesn't trust her cycling ability around cars.

"From a park's perspective, the more the park can be available to relax, recreate, enjoy yourself, the better it will be," she said.
I really hope it happens.


James said...

As a nearby resident of Prospect Park, I'd like to see it closed to cars. I'm not sure who exactly has these reservations.

Rob said...

I'd like to see more streets and avenues in our cities closed to vehicle traffic. Perhaps only permitting bus and taxi. We have one such road, the Nicolett Mall in downtown Minneapolis. Sure would be nice to have a few more like this to ease getting around town by foot.