Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Fashionable

New Yorkers set the trends, so it can't be a surprise that the fashionable, famous, and rich are getting around by two wheels. The NY Post magazine has this article discussing the changing landscape of bicycle commuting.

Lela is just one of many boldfacers making cycling a fashionable pursuit in New York today. Celebrity riders like Gisele B√ľndchen, Amber Tamblyn and Leonardo DiCaprio can often be seen tooling around the West Village and the Lower East Side on their hybrids—a mixture of a road bike and mountain bike—which has become the popular choice among serious “spokes-people.” Oscar-winner Marisa Tomei rides a vintage three-speed, while Vogue model-of-the-moment Agyness Deyn pedals about on an Amsterdam by Electra commuter bike while wearing gladiator sandals.

Meanwhile, tricycles are all the rage among the well-heeled mommy set. “Wealthy women from Tribeca, Soho and the West Village are using them to take their children to school,” says George Bliss, owner of West Village cycle shop Hub Station on Morton Street, where Lela bought her ride. Although George is generating buzz with his customized tricycles, which he builds to look like long, narrow pedicabs, he’s doing a brisk trade in commuter bikes too. “Russell Simmons recently bought two Biria comfort bikes here,” he reveals. Bicycle Habitat on Lafayette Street is another A-list bike store seeing a surge. With fans like David Byrne and James Gandolfini, hybrid sales at the Soho spot are “up by over 20 percent this year,” says owner Charlie McCorkell.

Even Brad and Angelina are getting in on the action.

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