Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Can we close another Block?

New York City is happy to be closing streets (blocks) all around the city this summer. I have one more block that should be closed: the block that fronts Sara D. Roosevelt Park. NYC DOT did a new design for this block, to help pedestrians and cyclists, but the best option would have been closing this small block to vehicular traffic and making it the natural extension of the park that it already is.

This particular block has trucks, cars, pedestrians, skateboarders, and cyclists using it. The new design has actually made it less safe for all these users. Too many blind turns now exist for automobiles coming off the Manhattan Bridge that are making the immediate right turn. It has also made it more difficult to exit and enter the bridge for cyclists.

The simple fix would be to close the street 24/7, then create a bike lane that goes straight and a right turn lane for cyclists. This lane would then connect to the new proposed lanes. Also, while not official, Chinatown buses drop off right around the corner, so that should be incorporated into the design of the block. Finally, establish the new median as something for skateboarders (since they have appropriated it anyway) and create more sitting and lounging space for residents.

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