Monday, February 22, 2010

Freeway Expansion: Moving in the Wrong Direction

It seems that we have learned very little from the last fifty years of planning. The Twin Cities region is going to put precedence on a freeway expansion project above other statewide projects because of the economic development potential. Yet, this is how the future development is described in this MPR article:

St. Paul, Minn. — Despite a lack of state funds, officials in northwestern Hennepin County are pushing for a new freeway interchange they say would unleash development and create jobs.Political support for the would-be Interstate 94 interchange near Dayton and Rogers may end up placing it ahead of other projects state transportation officials deem worthier.

With no exit near Dayton and Rogers on I-94, traffic zooms right past on what is one of the region's fast growing corridors, much to the dismay of some local elected officials. The land is filled with thousands of acres of farm fields, wetlands and woods with lots of space for homes and businesses.

Dayton Mayor Doug Anderson said adding an interchange here will unlock development.

We have emptying suburbs because of the housing and economic crisis. Even the Twin Cities are suffering their fair share of the problem, but yet undeveloped land out of the city center is our target for more housing. I must be missing something because this seems to be the type of project we don't want at this time or in the near future. The region needs to concentrate on what it is we have and how to retain it. We need to get politics out of planning.

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