Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free internet and cable for homebuyers

Grants. Loans. Down payment assistance. All tools to attract buyers to foreclosed and vacant homes. Well, add Internet and cable as the newest perk being offered in West St. Paul.

Why do we continue to push more and more on homeowners. I for one don't understand why they don't give them a grant for $xx.xx for homeowners insurance or a partial break on taxes. Two things any homeowner must pay. No, instead they will give you free cable and Internet. I would rather see them put the money and programs towards needs and necessary costs that you have when owning a home rather than wants.

It seems we have learned little from the foreclosure crisis and housing bubble and still stuck in our old ways of thinking. Incentives to get homes brought up to code and health and safety standards and curb appeal would go so much farther for the homeowners, the block, and larger community.

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