Monday, December 14, 2009

Green Homes

This NPR story talks about the need and market for green homes, but who is buying? It is always ironic that new windows and more energy efficient appliances get a home "green." The reality is that some older homes, because of design, placement, windows, and porches are and can be more efficient than new homes that have a few key features.

"I would notice things like a 1920s house with all of its original appliances, heaters, windows, all of that. And then another 1920s bungalow that had a high-efficiency furnace and Energy Star appliances," says Lacher. "And they were selling the same [price] per square foot, and that just made me really upset."
I think we need a new term; Green lite to label these homes. Yes, some homes are better off in the green realm than those that have made no improvements at all. But is it really fair to call a regular with some improvements Green, when some real and serious high efficient homes are being done.

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