Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Final LRT station

The Hiawatha LRT line in Minneapolis opened years ago and has been a good success. Some criticize the fact that is goes from downtown to the airport to the Mall of America, not the most traveled route, but it has established LRT in the Twin Cities and successfully. Just this past week this chapter closed in the final station of the line was opened.

"It serves a section of the Airport South district that we hope will become part of a new residential neighborhood," said Larry Lee, director of community development for the city. "It's especially important for residents, but ... tourists and business people [also] have the option of getting around by LRT instead of riding in a car."

That vision of a community built around transit is already a reality at the Reflections condo development by Bloomington Central Station, Lee said. Many couples who bought homes there have gone from two cars to one and some are living with no car at all, he said.The new American Boulevard station is the only one of the Hiawatha line's 19 stations to have a split platform for north and southbound trains.

It is great to see the Hiawatha line completed. Now we just have to make sure the central corridor line makes it to the light of day.

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