Friday, June 20, 2008

A Bike Superhighway

Biketrans has this idea that a bike network can be more like a bike superhighway. While I am not sure our current built environment can handle this idea, I do see some possible uses for it. First here is what Biketrans says:
Bicycle Transportation Systems, Inc. has a revolutionary new product that increases urban mobility while lowering every aspect of transportation costs. People and freight will be transported at speeds faster than light rail, buses, or motor vehicles at a fraction of current cost levels. This new strategy for mass transportation will make it possible to match the carrying capacities of rail systems at an affordable cost level. By lowering capital and operating costs this transit system will generate large profits and will not require continuous subsidies. Developing urban areas need a low-cost, low-tech transportation solution to meet the challenge of providing affordable effective mobility that offers an alternative to the environmental problems created by burning petroleum fuels and the increasing levels of motor vehicle use.

While building the entire network is not going to pass the cost-benefit analysis stage, I can see a use for this is some places. For instance, bridge crossings and short distance connections with high auto use which create a dangerous paths for cyclists. I especially like the idea to retro fit some of the bridge crossings because of high winds and bad weather, which can be extremely dangerous on bridge crossings. I can also see this put into places where separated bike paths are need to create more connections in existing networks, and the only place to build is up.

So is this a possible tool for the future or something out of the Jetsons?


Michael said...

Isn't this basically what part of the Williamsburg Bridge is like? said...

You are right, I don't use the WillyB bridge very often but that would be a good model. As for the coverings I was thinking more about GWB, MB, BB, and Tri-boro bridges.

One friend said he wants it on Chambers street to get from BB to Westside path...elevated bikeway right thru downtown HA.