Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Houston Mayor Bill White

Biking riding, Prius driving, and light rail building: Mayor White is ready to put Houston on a different track. For you political junkies White actually has a pretty interesting background and his win in 2004 was not expected. Here is an article about his plans from 2004:
The first 7.5 miles of what planners see as a 47-mile, $8 billion network by 2019 opened on Thursday with free rides. Travelers thronged the snub-nosed blue and silver cars, and many people were unable to board on the 14 platforms between the University of Houston campus downtown and Reliant Stadium, where the Super Bowl will be held on Feb. 1.

Traffic congestion has been high on the list of irritants here in the nation's fourth largest city, which has long been a monument to the automobile and was the last big urban holdout against rapid transit. Mr. White said his first task would be to resynchronize traffic signals and speed up the roadwork that seems to be reconstructing all major thoroughfares at once.

Here is a recent interview from NPR where White talks about the changes taking place among the city's residents because of congestion and gas prices. I am adding White to the list of mayors that are having a major impact on their cities. Considering Houston is the 4th largest city in the nation, I am going to keep a close eye on White.

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