Monday, June 30, 2008

I found it!

Once again I found myself outside IKEA this past Sunday afternoon. This time I decided to check things out for myself. While I was walking along the new waterfront park (thanks, IKEA), off in the far distance I saw it - could it really be? I hopped on my bike and rode through the parking lot, turned left, and there it was.

                                              Bike Parking.

Since I realized that it was really a part of the new park, I figured this is part of the new IKEA complex and must be bike parking that they provided for customers, right? Well, you would think not considering the distance from the parking spot to the store entrance, but actually (I'm pleased to say) this is parking that was provided by IKEA. (For clarification's sake, there are city racks across the street from IKEA, but these are provided by the city and are meant for any users.) 

Of course, here is the real parking:

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