Friday, June 27, 2008

The High Line

Growing up in Chicago where the subway system is called the "el" because the majority of the system is elevated, I find the High Line a great new open/green space in New York City. It is nice that this park will be above the automobile and pedestrian traffic that clogs the streets and sidewalks of Manhattan. Even better, this new park is strictly for walkers (no runners, bikes, or joggers), as it should be.

What I like about the High Line is that the city took a local groups idea, which was outside the box for the decaying freight rail line, and turned it into a public benefit for the city's residents. I hope that the Parks Department will be this proactive in looking at other areas of the city (e.g. the old Bay Ridge LIRR line) for future projects where underutilized areas can be turned into green and open space.

Check out the NY Times slide show and the Friends of the Highline.

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