Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tragedy in Chicago

It is never a good way to start out the day reading about a cyclist killed because they were doored in the bike lane. Unfortunately, one Chicago resident is no longer with us because of this. The Chicago Sun Times reports:
Miceli, 22, was cycling in the bike lane on La Salle around 6:45 p.m. Monday when he slammed into an open SUV door, was thrown from his bike, then struck by a second car. The driver of the Nissan Xterra who opened the door into Miceli's path was cited for opening a car door in traffic, police said.

Miceli's boss, avid cyclist Ric van Sickle, said about 80 percent of Plan B employees commute by bike. Miceli started working there as an intern about nine months ago and was promoted to a full-time staff position because of his work ethic and the high quality of his work, van Sickle said.

Miceli "was a good bike handler, always wore his helmet and knew what he was doing," van Sickle said. "He was conscientious."

Be safe out there people.

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