Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is New Urbanism Working?

I have long been skeptical of New Urbanism. While I agree with them on principles, I find that the actual developments tend to be not in line with my way of thinking. I have been following this New Urbanist development in Atlanta and I must say that I am very intrigued. Is Glenwood Park a hold over from the past or our new bright future?

From the NPR Story:

Many New Urbanist developments are located in suburbs, but the movement's influence is increasingly showing up in cities like Portland and Denver. Glenwood Park, which has more than 300 townhouses and condominiums, is one of several developments arising near downtown Atlanta. Its founder was Charles Brewer, who also started the Internet company Mindspring.

Brewer was on the lookout for a new business opportunity when local architects introduced him to the writings of New Urbanist pioneer Andres Duany. He was hooked.

Is Glenwood Park a model we should be following, or are the New Urbanists tied to a past that is no longer relevant for today? You can find out more about Glenwood Park here.

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Charles Brewer said...

I agree with you about being disappointed with most new urban developments. But you know, swimming upstream is not easy! But many new urban neighborhoods are working in at least some ways, even if they may disappoint in others. I'd say that places like Glenwood Park are both from the past, and the future. The same could be said for many good ideas.

Charles Brewer (Glenwood Park developer)

PS - link to video of interest focusing on Glenwood Park.