Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Denver, CO

I have been missing in action since I took a much needed trip to Denver and Boulder. I have heard the stories about just how sprawled this region is, and for the most part it lived up to that reputation. I would also say that Denver is a thriving, diverse, and pretty interesting city. Boulder on the other hand felt like an over planned and over budget sorta town that only the rich seem to afford. It was also lacking a real connection to the campus as well.

My biggest disappointment was the need for a car. While I like to usually try and huff it on public transit and foot when I visit places, sometimes against my better judgement, this trip to Denver and Boulder was not going to make that a realistic option. While they do have a good bus system and LRT, it still seemed that the region lacked good public transit in the form of commuter trains and more LRT lines.

This region does seem to be well grounded, have thriving cities, and a great natural landscape. I see a bright future for the Denver region and hope to visit again down the road, but next time, no car. I will add that both Denver and Boulder have great on street parking limits and payment options. It really worked for getting a spot, but not keeping your car their all day, so turn over was high and finding a spot not too difficult.

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