Friday, March 5, 2010

Breaking the Law, Breaking the Law

As a daily bike commuter I will admit that I break the law. While this issue rears its ugly head in the cycling community and other transportation networks we still don't see the real issue at hand.

I break the law because the current system is set up for one mode of transportation: the private car.

The renegades are out in force rolling through stop signs and red lights across the nation. You had better put the car in the garage and keep the kids inside, or at least this is what the media would have you believe when it comes to cyclists. We are car hating nuts and that is why we ride our bikes. As with every group some cyclists are reckless, no doubt about it. Let's look at the facts for a moment.

People killed by cars: 37,261 (2008 numbers)

People killed by cyclists: Not enough to record (let me know if you find a reliable source)

This NY Times article and study prove it all. Cyclists = Danger. My concern is that we are trying to put a square peg in the circle. The current infrastructure, design, and laws are not set up for cyclists or pedestrians. We are trying to work within a system that simply does not see us as relevant. If you don't believe me, dust of that 10 speed hanging in your garage and ride your bike to work, school, or the store tomorrow. It will be an eye opening experience for sure.

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