Friday, April 11, 2008

Survey Results

It has been a month since I put up the survey for my study. To date I have just under 400 respondents. I plan on leaving the survey up for at least another month (maybe longer if this goes into the summertime). My next step I am going to start contacting respondents to do the one-on-one interviews. Here are some preliminary finding from the survey data:

People commuted because it was enjoyable and fun

Main destination was work

Overall people wanted to get to their destination faster rather than the safest route

Almost half of the respondents had indoor parking at their destination

Over half commuted 10 or less miles

Bad weather is the main reason people didn't commute

When not commuting by bike the subway was the mode choice

Being outside was the most liked aspect of commuting

More than half of the respondents owned 2-5 bikes

Over 75% gave the city a letter grade of C or less about the cycling environment

I'll post more info as I do more extensive data analysis later on.

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