Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MPLS Photo Love

Just got back from a 5 day trip to the Twin Cities. It has been at least eight years since I have visited, but I always had good memories of it. Let me just say, this town far exceeded my expectations. Maybe after Portland (or maybe before even), it may just be the best biking city in the US.

Here is a photo essay of the trip (mostly bike focused):

Greenway system. This system of greenways and trails is just awesome. While we only had bikes for a day, getting around South Minneapolis by bike was a breeze.

This was my ride (thanks to a MPLS bike love member)

The Light rail

Arial shot of Downtown Minneapolis

Bridge Collapse

Bike parking was everywhere. Unlike NYC where you lock your bike to anything that is not moveable or cuttable, the Twin Cities had more than enough bike parking around downtown and in commercial/retail areas.

Downtown bike parking

More bike parking

Bump out on residential street

Minneapolis was great to bike in. With the trails, greenway, bike lanes, and driver awareness, it was extremely safe and easy to get around. I really liked how they have put bi-way and one-way bike lanes downtown between the bus lane and car traffic. During rush hour these lanes were filled with cyclist.

If I had to give it a letter grade Minneapolis would be a B+ for sure. Only real improvements I could see for the immediate future would be some bike BLVDs that would better connect some of the greenways.

One last thing (not my pic) is the new bike/pedestrian bridge over 55/Hiawatha. It cost $5.3 million.

Now that is a real investment in bike and pedestrian infrastructure.

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Anonymous said...

B+?! I'd give Minneapolis at least an A-! Their bike infrastructure is *awesome*.