Friday, April 4, 2008

Carbon Fee in London

The next step with congestion pricing, now London is looking to charge $50 for gas hogs that enter the congestion zone.

Even an advocate for more livable streets, I am worried if this is going in the wrong direction.  While it is clear that policy around the world should be changed to hinder people from using too much gas and energy, maybe the better approach is to reward those that use alternatives.  While this new policy does that for drivers, why not give more benefits to walkers, cyclist, and public transit users, instead of those that use more energy efficient autos.

While Congestion pricing just passed in the New York City Council, many residents are concerned because of the so called "lock box" that will be used for transit improvements. While instead of just putting this capital towards public transit improvements, maybe it can be used to reward those that enter the city center without the use of an automoblie, a complete streets approach as opposed to just changes to mass transit. 

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