Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New York City Plan

Wow, now that congestion pricing is dead we have the New York City Plan. I definitely see the glass as half empty. Many of the things discussed in this new plan is NYC, half-thought out and far from progressive.

For example, let's have one comprehensive plan for the entire city. While there are random projects and improvements going on, they are being done in isolation. Also, let's get DCP on board so that new developments can incorporate some of these new principles with ground floor commercial space and green/open space requirements.

Finally, NYC plan has a NYC version of BRT, which is not going to be separated from local traffic, thus it will most likely not be very rapid. Also, the borough planned lines terminate at already overcrowded subway stops. I won't be holding my breath, that is for sure. If NYC is going to implement BRT, can't we do it the right way?

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Anonymous said...

Why is this woman so full of herself and New York City? The 9th Avenue bike lane is a "gold standard?" Is she kidding?

And what other cities are calling NYC for advice? Ha! Most other cities in the U.S. put NYC to shame (Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland...). NYC is stuck in a vortex.