Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Unforeseen

I got an email from the NYC chapter of APA about The Unforeseen. While it looked a little contrived, I figured I would go see what it was all about. Although I didn't love this film, it was a nice mix of documentary and experimental film, and I thought some parts had a nice poetry to them. 

Where it lost me was it seemed to be two separate films. One was about overdevelopment in Austin and the other was questioning the concept of growth and development in the US. What I found refreshing was the point that growth needed to be measured qualitatively, not quantitative. Basically, we need to focus on the quality of growth (quality of life, liveability), since that's really matters. I have always felt that the future of our country is redevelopment, by which I mean that we need to make our existing landscape work. 

Tear it down and build it back up is not going to be the solution.

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