Monday, March 3, 2008

IRB application

IRB application has been submitted today. I am hoping to update the survey and get that live by the end of the week. LA Streets blog just launched, so check it out.

Here is an excerpt from IRB application:

In a city that is dominated by the automobile I want to find out how its residents who use other modes of transportation actually view the built environment. While all forms of transit modes could be studied, I find that this small minority (.05% of residents who commute by bike) would make for a rich case study. The sole purpose is to record the subjective perspective (mental image/imageability) New York City bicycle commuters have of the build environment, good or bad. In addition, the goal of the study is to gather, through a survey, general information about bicycle commuters in New York City. This data will illustrate bike commuter demographics and issues that these bike commuters face. The second component, through one on one interviews, of the study will look at how a bicycle commuter views the city via imageability.

Also, the study will use the methodology of Kevin Lynch from The Image of the City. This method will be incorporated to give substance and understanding to the imageability of participants commute. For example, does a bridge crossing pose a problem (getting over the bridge, barrier between two land masses), a positive (good view corridors of the city and water, separated bike path from traffic), or symbol/landmark (historical significance of the Brooklyn Bridge).

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