Friday, March 21, 2008

+1 for Patterson

Congestion Pricing addresses two urgent concerns of the residents of New York City and its suburbs: the need to reduce congestion on our streets and roads, and thereby reduce pollution and global warming; and the need to raise significant revenue for mass transit improvements. We expect that revenue from the Congestion Pricing plan will support more than $4.5 billion in needed capital improvements for mass transit and meaningfully reduce traffic into the Central Business District of Manhattan. Before the constructive process of deliberation proceeds in both the City Council and the State Legislature, transparency requires that the public fully see what the system envisioned by the Commission will entail. While Commission Report highlighted other issues which need to be resolved, introducing this bill allows the City Council and Legislature to examine the details of the proposal and make an informed judgment on the Congestion Pricing program.

It has been a crazy past two weeks in Albany. During that time groups were pushing hard to convince our upstate legislators that congestion pricing is a thing to support. While our former governor was a supporter, today our new Governor David Patterson is not only backing congestion pricing, but will be introducing the Bill into the legislature.

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