Thursday, March 13, 2008

Master Plan?

So when is it time to update a master plan? 2-5-10 years? Well on a forum I belong to it came up that the NYC Bike master plan was finished in 1997. Just from riding here for the last 6 years I can tell you a lot has changed. So it is a bit foolish for DOT to still be implementing a plan that now is over 10 years old?

 I would say they would be much better off, if instead, they took a year, or even two, to update the plan and then start to implement parts of it.  While the landscape of NYC has changed, we have plaNYC, and if luck is on our side, congesting pricing very soon. Don't these two things alone have a huge impact on how the cycling infrastructure of the city is going to change. I think so.

As a planner and planning student I have read many plans in the last few years. A master plan that is not up to date, really is not a plan worth implementing. Just looking at the neighborhoods, density levels, traffic, ped, and bike patterns is enough of a justification for me.  Also, DOT is making some pretty significant changes, so why not rethink the masterplan of 1997.

You can read the plan here.

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