Monday, December 8, 2008

Chicago Photo Essay

I have always liked downtown Chicago (I grew up just inside and outside the city). Until I became older and got an urban palnning degree I could never really articulate why. I went home for Thanksgiving and having a few hours to kill waiting for my wife to arrive via Amtrak I decided to take the opportunity to see downtown again. Below are the photos and some of my thoughts on why Chicago's downtown is one of my favorites.

Even though Chicago has large buildings the streets are still at a human scale

Bike Station

How I got there

Union Station

El (elevated subway in Downtown Loop)

The Chicago River

Art Institute

Millenium Park

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Snak Shak said...

Nice photos - thanks for sharing these. I think one of the things about Chicago, Milwaukee and other Great Lakes cities is that they are slightly older than the cities further west, and that helps with the human scale. Also, saving (rather than demolishing) older buildings seems to make a city seem a little classier and more pedestrian friendly to me.