Monday, May 26, 2008

Fear of biking

I just turned in a draft of my report this last Friday. While I did come to a few different conclusions, the main one was that the city needs to invest in a bike network (infrastructure) that will be deemed safe by new riders. Honestly, we don't need to convince current riders (we already know the dangers and continue to ride), but we do need for newer riders to hop on the bike and not fear for their life. If it is a positive experience, these riders will hopefully continue to ride more often.

Over at they are currently having this discussion about the fear of biking. As with most discussions about the issue the opinions and views vary. Read the comments section and here is the article that started the conversation.

UPDATE: Here is the reporters response
Just to clarify, I am gearing up to commute to work by bike. I haven't done it yet. I'm still figuring out my route, how to fix a flat, etc. Once I give it a decent shot -- six weeks? two months? how long is long enough to judge? you tell me -- I will write another column.

I bet if she gives it a real shot, she might just like it.

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