Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ask away

City Room from the NYT is giving cyclist the opportunity to ask the NCY DOT bike coordinator questions. Here a few of my favorites so far:

There’s a spot open on my bicycle built for two. Will you join me?
— Posted by BikerGrl2008

Why not pass out free, City-approved small baseball bats, so that bike riders could simply smash & dent all those cars that carelessly stop in the bike lanes, and endanger the biker’s safety? I’m sure after a few instances of having their windows broken or taillights smashed, they would see an economic benefit in simply obeying the law.
— Posted by T.R. Hall

I used to ride my bike but stopped because it’s just too unsafe. NYC drivers are so aggressive and careless - particularly taxi drivers. I nearly got killed. And NYC cops seem to have bigger problems to address than worrying about reckless driving, otherwise they’d have to stop pretty much every cab driver in the city.
The lack of lock-up racks for bikes and unfriendliness of NYC buses toward people with bikes is another issue. It’s a great idea to de-congest the streets but NYC is very far away from a practical, useful implementation of bike transportation.
— Posted by Greg F

Take this chance to get your $.02 in, no matter how positive or negative it may be.

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