Sunday, February 17, 2008

Moving on up

I met with my advisor this past week (2nd meeting). We went over my draft survey, IRB package, and discussed the main goal of the study. Ironically, the main goal, or hypothesis, for my study is not all that clear since I am taking a grounded theory approach. This approach means that I am going into the study without a set hypothesis and will let the data dictate where the study goes. While this approach seems a bit risky, and some might even say pointless, I feel it is a valid approach since I am starting the study as objectively as possible.

Creating a balanced survey (not being overly negative or positive) and keeping it short and to the point was challenging. Not to tout their horn, but the question pro website and online survey process have been pretty easy and great to use thus far. Should be doing one more final check over my IRB application this week and then mailing it in. Once I get a green light my survey will go live.

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