Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Clean Heat

So I was watching This Old House (guilty pleasure) this past weekend. Two things stuck out at me: fuel(less) lawn mower and pellet burning stove. Now how much it costs to heat a house these days, even a small 1000 sq ft Philly row house, is costly. I was impressed by these newer stoves that burn recycled wood that is made into pellets. From what I can gather from some online research these pellets can cost $250-500 for a winter (not that bad). The stoves, also can be used as boilers, are also an initial investment of $1,500-4,000. Is this going to be a better source of energy as people need to replace aging heating systems? While it seems the pellets are in short supply b/c of demand, it looks like a much more viable heating source than gas, oil, coal, and plain old wood. Even more interesting is that many of these new stoves can burn corn as well.

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