Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What is wrong with pedicabs?

In NYC it seems just about everybody (even fellow bikers) all hate the pedicabs. Last year the NYC Council tried to limit the number of pedicabs on the streets, but that regulation has been tied up in court. This NY Post article gives the update:
The rickshaw racket continues to be hell on wheels more than a year after the city passed a law regulating the pedicab industry.

But "enforcement of regulations enacted by the City Council pertaining specifically to pedicabs is currently enjoined by the courts," the rep acknowledged. Those regulations - which include laws on fare structures, seat belts, signals and identification of drivers - are all on hold until the two sides finish hashing out their differences in court.

Although there might need to be regulations in regards to safety and costs (just like regular taxis), I don't understand why this mode of transport gets such a bad rap. Most cities don't even permit pedicabs during rush hours in their downtowns. If NYC, which has 1.6 million cars entering Manhattan daily, can find space for pedicabs, what's the excuse for the rest of our major cities?

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